The Secret Geometry of Disarming at Dorsky Gallery

It’s a process, as they give up- while they are scrutinizing it all, filtering from their judgment. That’s what you feel at Dorsky Gallery’s Disarming Geometries. You hear silent screams and stripping vibes, as the chorus of fine artists exhibit their auras for the disdain of times and seeking refuge in the mannerisms of their perceptions and […]

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Colorful Cubist Tattoos Inked by Mike Boyd

London-based tattoo artist Mike Boyd is a dedicated traveler, viewing the act as a necessary component to developing his style of cubist-focused tattoos. His bright and angular work features Picasso-like faces and segmented bodies, impactful tattoos that make it difficult to discern skin from canvas.

In case you aren’t interested in making a lifetime commitment to one of Boyd’s pieces, he has a series of limited edition prints available on his website. You can see more of his permanent work, as well as keep updated on his travels to various tattoo studios, on his Instagram. (via Illusion)

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