Easy Eco Friendly Design Switches to Make in Your Home

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This year in honor of Earth Day, we’re thinking interior design and how it affects the exterior world around us. Lucky for us socially-conscious design geeks, there’s an ever-increasing cache of stylish, eco-friendly products and hacks that we can implement to save energy, money…and the polar bears.

What’s Old Is New Again

Instead of particle board shelves and vinyl composition floor tiles, look for furniture made from either repurposed, recycled or sustainable materials. If it fits your aesthetic, reclaimed wood is a great pick. But there are also all kinds of sustainable and recycled materials that look brand new, such as cork, bamboo and coconut.

Shop the Look:

Reclaimed Mango Wood 1 Drawer Nightstand / Iggy Platform Bed / Alam 100% Linen Throw Pillow Cover / Varick Gallery Silber 1-Light Mini Pendant

Go Green, Literally

There’s a time and a place for glitzy wall art and and glam accessories, but when it comes to eco-friendly decor, nothing exudes fresh green vibes quite like actual plants. Decorating your space with succulents and fiddle leaf figs will not only help you achieve that boho-urban-jungle look that’s all the rage this season, but they will also purify your air and eliminate lingering chemicals.

Shop the Look:

 Apprendre Plant Hanger / Corcoran A Frame 58″ Leaning Bookcase

Away With Synthetic Sunshine

Make conscious design choices to enhance your home’s natural light intake by using sheer, airy window treatments instead of their dark counterparts. And who doesn’t love a good skylight or set of bay windows? Harnessing the sun instead of relying on lamps will save electricity and elicit that peaceful, au-naturale aura in your home.

Shop the Look:


Venice 6-Light Candle Style ChandelierKowloon Red Area Rug / Lenore Upholstered Side Chairs / Annora Two Light Kitchen Island Pendant

Light Done Right

As much as we’d love our homes to be exclusively lit by the sun, the harsh reality is that it does in fact set. So when you do enlist the aid of electricity, look for eco-friendly and energy efficient options. There’s an abundance of such alternatives, as well as affordable energy efficient light bulbs you should make a habit of buying.

Eco Windows For The Win

Lighting isn’t the only energy-efficient item on the market anymore. Windows are getting in on the action too! Certain windows are specially designed to insulate your home in the cold, and deflect heat in the summer. This means you won’t need to pump as much dough into your heater and AC unit.

Shop the Look:

Redsmith Dining Chair / Homer Peach Ombre Outdoor Throw Pillow / Bialetti Moka Express Espresso Maker / Gloucester Extendable Dining Table

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