What’s Hot & What’s Not for Spring Design

Image via Ginny Macdonald Design

The sun is out, the trees are blossoming, and the air is refreshingly warm. We think it’s safe to say that winter is gone for good and spring is here to stay (at least until summer rolls around). But the weather isn’t the only thing that changes when a new season arrives. Some trends we’ve grown to love stick around for another year, while others are replaced by exciting new ones. So what’s hot and what’s not in the design world this spring? We took a look at the trends from last year and the newly emerging ones to help you decide where to take your space this season.

HOT: Rattan

Rattan is still all the rage this spring. From lampshades and chairs to baskets and headboards, these bamboo woven pieces are staying put thanks to their warm weather friendly material. This year, the woven strands are a bit thinner, putting the caning technique into action. For an updated look, opt for pieces that are dyed black.

Shop the Look:

Woven Malawi Chair / Beso Large Natural Basket

NOT: Indigo Textiles

We’ve seen enough pillows and blankets in indigo hues for one lifetime. While they make a great pop of color in a neutral space, the shibori dyed textile look has been everywhere for the past few years and we’re ready for a refresh.

HOT: Bananas

Move aside banana leaf, because we’re feeling the peel more than the plant. Bright yellow tones have been growing in popularity, so it makes sense that this fun fruit will come center stage this season. Pair it with its leafy counterpart for the perfect pattern combo.

NOT: Pineapples

Laurel & Wolf / Anthropologie

Seeing as a new fruit has taken over, it’s probably time to bid our beloved pineapples farewell. This juicy style added glamorous pops of flavor to a lot of spaces last summer, but we can hear the banana calling, and we’re ready to answer.

HOT: Terracotta

Terracotta is coming in as hot as the desert it hails from. Since cool spaces are on their way out, this clay-like material is ideal for adding warmth to interiors. Bring its dusty orange tones in through classic clay pots or opt for a bigger makeover and retile your kitchen or bathroom in terracotta.

Shop the Look:

From left to right, top to bottom:

Turquoise Hill Art PrintBarter Planter BowlsZuo Modern Terracotta Sofa / Zoey Terracotta Area Rug

NOT: Mirrored Furniture

Mirrored furniture was HUGE for a while, but we’re letting this glam look go for the time being. Maybe it will come back when we’re ready to reflect on past trends.

HOT: Bold Wallpaper

Patterned walls are back in power! We’re loving bedrooms covered in traditional florals and powder rooms made up in Deco details. Wallpaper certainly isn’t for the faint of heart, but if you’re ready to make a statement, this is a trend to try.

NOT: All-White Rooms

via Entrance

For years, all-white spaces have ruled the world of home design. But not anymore. Sure, we still love a gleaming white kitchen but the interior gods have spoken and splashes of color and warmer, natural tones are taking over.

HOT: Abstract Geometrics

Color-blocked prints and painterly shapes are one of the latest things to hit the textile scene. The easiest way to bring this look in is through accent rugs and throw pillows.

Shop the Look:

Dusen Dusen Slash Rug / Terrace Stripe Pouf

NOT: Chevron

via Lonny

It had a long run, but we think it’s finally time to kiss chevron goodbye in favor of more abstract geometrics.

HOT: Curvy Furniture

2017 is all about embracing curves in the home. Think sofas, chairs, tables, and even wall art. These fluid lines are more inviting than the sharp, straight ones we’ve seen in recent years, and they work perfectly with a soft, neutral palette.

Shop the Look:

From left to right, top to bottom:

Gestural Art Print / Thurston 5-Light Sputnik Chandelier / Marble Topped Pedestal Coffee Table / Velvet Amoret Swivel Chair

NOT: Sharp Edges

via Elle Decor

We’re ready to enjoy the plush comfort of our living rooms, which means hyper-sleek, straight-lined spaces are not what’s in at the moment. Hold on to a few sharp pieces because it can’t be all curvy, but let the rest of your space relax.

HOT: Orange

Is orange the new pink? With the terracotta trend in full force and dusty colors coming back in style, we think so.

NOT: Millennial Pink

Don’t get us wrong, millennial pink is still the hottest search term on Pinterest. But we are SO ready for something new, and orange is just the replacement we’ve been looking for. The shades fall close on the color wheel, but orange feels a little more versatile and grown-up.

HOT: Geometric Wall-Hangings & Mobiles

Despite what you thought in school, geometry is really cool right now. Home decor and art with simple lines and whimsical shapes add a sculptural touch to the home. We’re loving them in mobile form or as a clean, fabric wall hanging.

NOT: Macrame

As we watch the longtime boho trend slowly begin to fade, those macrame wall hangings go with it. Sure, they add a perfect soft touch to a nursery and they make an excellent accent above beds or sofas, but design trends are leading us towards sleeker, more minimal grounds when it comes to wall decor.

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