The Coolest Design Trend with the Silliest Name

Image via Our Homes, Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens

Roll out the welcome wagon, Man Cave, because you just got a new neighbor. She goes by the name of “She Shed” and she’s here to trample the longtime injustice of special hideouts exclusively for men. Because women also deserve a place to shed the stresses of everyday life.

Though we think the name could use a little work (maybe Dame Den or Woman’s World?), it’s definitely a concept we can get behind. So we’ve gathered some of our favorite she sheds, from those that have the classic cottage thing going on to others that blur gender norms and allow their female owner to be any kind of woman she wants to be.

Minimal Boxes with Big Style

Black and white, forest and beach — these she sheds may be different in color and location, but they’re both modern cottages made for unwinding.

Secret Garden Escape

This greenhouse turned she shed is perfect for the woman whose greatest escape is being surrounded by her friends. Spacious enough for an eight-person brunch, it has all the tools for R&R and social hour.

Chic Sheds

Nothing makes a cozy cottage feel totally livable like an all-white paint job and a few plush pieces of furniture. Stocked with books, plants, and comfy-cute decor, these she sheds are ready for relaxation.

Eco-Friendly Boho Hut

Made entirely out of recycled materials, this she shed by the Jungalow is made to feel like a vacation in a box. Warm colors, tropical patterns and plenty of palms create a lush getaway from the chaos of life.

Backyard Bliss

These classic she sheds come equipped with shabby chic style. Complete with crystal chandeliers and a pairing of rustic and romantic decor, they’re the perfect dreamy nooks for rosé all day or just hanging out with a good book.

Sustainable Modernism

Tucked within a backyard garden, this she shed studio space defines modern architecture with its streamlined, forward-thinking design. Its clean lines and minimal style make it easy to decorate and the sustainable rooftop greenery adds an inviting, earthy vibe.

Zen Den

via Lowes

For the she that likes to namaste in the morning, this shed is ideal. Natural light comes in through a pair of skylights while a neutral palette helps create a calming atmosphere. Just add your yoga and meditation essentials and get ready to achieve transcendence.

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