How to Transition Your Home From Winter to Spring

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Just when we finally started feeling like our homes were winter-ready, spring comes around and breathes light into our décor. Thankfully though, transitioning our homes from season to season doesn’t have to mean making a major investment. Just think about how you update your wardrobe when the temperature starts to change. We’re all about swapping out smaller accessories for seasonal finds and buying big pieces here and there.

So, are you ready for spring? Scroll through to see what pieces we’re swapping inside our homes now! 

1. From Flannel Bedding to Linen Sheets

Sure, wool bedding may be your go-to during the winter months, but you wouldn’t sport a flannel button-down in the middle of spring, would you? Make sure to store your winter sheets and quilt, and replace them with more breathable cotton options. This will ensure that you’ll stay comfortable as your home starts to get naturally hotter.

2. From Fur Throw Pillows to Patterned Finds

What better time to get in on that palm tree and banana leaf trend than spring? Do it in a tasteful and cost-effective way by swapping out your decorative pillows with seasonal printed favorites.

3. From Dark Wood Tones to Lighter Finishes

A cozy log cabin and a blazing fire might sound nice, but that’s SO last season. Ditch this hibernation-friendly style for décor that comes in lighter finishes, like a white lacquer console table or a beige upholstered headboard.

4. From Thick Velvet Window Coverings to Light Drapery

Let the light in! Now that winter is over, you’ll want to soak up as much sunlight as possible, even when you’re stuck at home. And while thick, dark drapery might keep your home at a comfortable temp during the winter, breezy linen drapes will replicate that feeling of being on a tropical vacay.

5. From Sad, Old Walls to Light, Happy ones 

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Even if you’re drawn to a darker color palette at all times of year, consider brightening up your interiors with a fresh coat of paint. But if you don’t want to spring for a paint job, achieve a lighter, airier look by adding a floor length mirror or mirrored furniture into the mix. The reflection from the mirror brings light into any space and also makes your space seem larger.

6. From Sun-Shy Plants to a Botanical Indoor Garden 

Since spring showers may prevent you from enjoying every meal al-fresco, bring the outdoors in with rich plants and botanicals. Better yet, create an indoor herb garden which will allow you to enjoy the fruits of your labor year-round.

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