Don’t Have a Dinner Party Without These 5 Things

Image via Lonny

Some may argue that the menu is the most important ingredient in planning a dinner party. But seasoned entertainers know that it’s just as much about setting the mood. After all, everything tastes better when the chairs are comfy, the music is on and the lighting looks good. So feast your eyes on these must-have dinner party essentials. Bon appetit!

Food presentation is half the feat of the feast, so make sure you have stylish serving bowls and platters to display your fine eats.

No one will be digging into dinner with their bare hands. A good host always has a solid set of serving utensils at the table.

Nothing sets the mood of a dinner party like dim, ambient overhead lighting and the subtle glow of candlelight.

Pendants are perfect for creating a dinner setting that’s not too bright, but just right for food and conversation.

Plastic cups are not okay when you’re throwing a real dinner soiree. Though we’re all for keeping the Cabernet flowing, you need two sets of glasses on a dinner table — classic stemmed pieces for wine and tumblers with intricate details for water.

From table runners and cloths to napkins and placemats, linens protect the table from potential spills and add decoration to your dinner.

Opt for a little pop of pattern when it comes to your napkins and table runner.

Pair your other linens with a solid-colored tablecloth for a layered look.

Whether your centerpiece consists of a bold and blooming floral arrangement or a sculptural desert dish, every tablescape needs a focal point.

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