Trend Report: Granny-Chic Design Is In

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There was a time when calico, quilting, and crochet seemed as dated as those mothballs in granny’s closet. But it’s time to show a little respect for your elders because granny style is back in a big way. After years of minimalism, we’re loving this return to pattern heavy, knick-knack filled spaces. So start hunting for floral wallpaper and break out your crochet needles, because what’s old is new again.

Flower Power

Will florals really ever stop being a thing? We think not. Go full-on grandma with a complementary color scheme dotted with flowers of every kind. Further the look with caned, wicker and/or wood furniture in classic shapes.

If all over florals paired with traditional decor makes you feel a little too Grey Gardens, opt for a healthy mix of contemporary and shabby chic. Cover one wall in a bold floral wallpaper or create a stark contrast of styles by using a vibrant, blooming sofa in an all white room.  A healthy blend is what makes this trend work.

Crochet Craze

So you say you’re a maximalist? Then you must appreciate a space filled with crocheted granny squares, kitsch art, and embroidered cat pillows. But if you’re not one to mix too many patterns and accessories, consider using a granny square afghan as a way of adding warm contrast and texture to a clean, modern space.

Quilted in Velvet

The quilted look is in. Especially in velvet — another granny favorite. We already know that velvet decor in vintage-inspired jewel tones is hot right now, so use this soft fabric whenever possible. Pair with retro antiques to complete the look.

Chinoiserie Chic

It’s a universal truth that grandmas have a thing for china and chinoiserie. But paired with bright, primary colors and a few sleek, modern pieces, these classics get a fresh, cool look.

To stay within the granny-chic aesthetic, just remember that matching is a must and you can never have too many funky accessories.

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